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  • Local anaesthesia

    Local anaesthesia is automatically included in any procedure. Before the injection of the anaesthesia, even the site of the injection is itself previously anaesthetized, so the whole process is painless.

  • Analgosedation

    For very nervous patients that cannot control their fear, we cooperate with an experienced medical anaesthesiologist to offer analgosedation. Analgosedation is a process that induces drowsiness while maintaining cooperation with the patient. With analgosedation the patient usually doesn´t remember the treatment and this helps to overcome the fear. Treatment with analgosedation can be done on an out-patient basis and the patient can go home (if accompanied) immediately after the treatment.

    Note that prior to analgosedation, it is necessary to undergo a pre-procedural examination, which we can arrange for you.

  • General Anaesthesia

    Total anesthesia, under the guidance of a specialist anaesthetist, is primarily allotted for mentally disabled patients and normally untreatable patients. It is also a solution for the treatment of unmanageable children, particularly in cases of extensively damaged teeth . Prior to total anesthesia, again, it is necessary to undergo a pre-procedural examination, which we can arrange for you.

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