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Orthodontics is a practice engaged in the straightening of badly positioned teeth. It solves aesthetic as well as important functional aspects of the position of the teeth in adults and children as well.

There are two kinds of appliance. The first is fixed braces which are affixed to the teeth and the second is removable braces. Fixed braces are attached to the teeth and aren’t possible to remove during the process, in contrast to removable braces. Logically, this increases the importance of proper dental hygiene, which should be practiced at an accelerated rate during such procedure Both options for braces have their different criteria and benefits and both cannot necessarily be used by all patients. Generally, is possible to simplify it that removable braces are used particularly by children whose bodies and jaws are still growing and fixed braces are used by adults.

The time of the treatment is based on individual requirements, but, generally, it is necessary to expect long-term treatment because only this ensures a safe and successful result.

Observing good dental hygiene and getting regular check ups during the treatment is very important. Before the start with treatment, it is necessary to carefully consider all the aspects of the process because it takes the complete cooperation of the patient.

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