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Teeth whitening

What to do, to make our teeth whiter for a dazzling smile? Does it seem like you brush and brush but your teeth don’t get whiter but actually less so? That despite the removal of surface discolouring, that's still not enough? 

As we get older, and with the consumption of colourings in drinks and food, our teeth naturally stain more. Tooth whitening is a way to solve this problem.

We offer 2 kinds of whitening processes:

  • home bleaching (whitening)

    We prepare individually molded whitening trays from impressions of your teeth with which you can apply the whitening gel yourself at home, over the course of a few days for a few hours each day. The trays are made exactly for your teeth and will keep the whitening material directly on the teeth. Although this procedure is carried out at home, it is provided under the control and instructions of your Astella dentist. The advantage of this type of whitening is the lower price; the cost is the greater demand on your time.

  • BriteSmile

    The advantage of teeth whitening in our clinic is the time saved and the instant effect. The revolutionary method we offer is called BriteSmile, which can whiten your teeth by many shades. This method consists of 3 procedures of 20 minutes each, during which whitening gel is applied with the help of a special monitoring program and its effect is supported by a special blue light technology.

    Bělení zubů 1Bělení zubů 2

Note that not all teeth can be whitened. Some colourings or tooth defects are not suitable for tooth whitening.

Prior to the whitening procedure, it is necessary to have teeth without cavities and gums without inflammation. We recommend a professional dental cleaning a few days before the whitening and, as always, a complete consultation with an Astella dentist to assess the acceptability of the process for each individual.

Note that during the whitening process and for some days afterwards, some people may experience an increased sensitivity of their teeth; however this is temporary and can be easily alleviated with special dental ointments.

Similarly, while undergoing whitening the consumption of food or drinks with powerful staining properties, smoking and, for women, wearing coloured lipsticks are not advisable.

What is necessary to know?

  • Whitening is a long-lasting procedure, but it is not forever. The success, the final shade and the longevity of the effect will vary by individuals.
  • The shade of fillings, ceramic crowns or bridges is not affected by whitening.

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