The replacement of a destroyed tooth by implant is the most ideal solution today for almost every adult. Exceptions can include certain patients with considerable oral diseases. 

We recommend that patients have an implant in cases when the tooth is completely lost, including the root. For implants, we use titanium screws that are installed in the bone in the space left after extracting the dead tooth and root. The implant is a complete bio-compatible substitution, which, because of the special surface modification in the attachment to the bone, makes it possible to affix a crown to it. 

Dental implants in Prague

In this way, it is possible to replace not only one tooth, but many, up to a complete set of teeth.

The requirement for utilizing the implant option is that the bone is of good quality and sufficient quantity. Even in circumstance when there isn´t enough bone mass, the situation isn´t unsolvable. It is possible to substitute bone mass in different ways. One method is by using the patient’s own bone which is taken from a place with more than enough quantity. The next is by using artificial material which is completely bio compatible. Finally, a combination of both of these ways is possible as well. After this substitution, it is then possible to install the implant at the time of the same appointment or up to a few months later to let the bone develop. Our implant specialist will recommend the best method with each patient considering the procedure.