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Astella team - top dentists in Prague

In the Astella dental clinic in Prague a team of top dentists will take care of you. We know that for many people putting yourself in the care of a dentist is a challenging experience. With treatment at our clinic you don't need to have any concerns, aside from professional services we aim to offer our clients a very pleasant and welcoming environment.

Put your concerns aside ... Put yourself in the care of our dentists in Astella dental clinic in Prague, sit and relax, please.

Our team dentists:

Clinic hours

PO: 07:30 - 20:00

ÚT: 07:30 - 20:00

ST: 07:30 - 20:00

ČT: 07:30 - 20:00

PÁ: 07:30 - 15:00

SO: closed

NE: closed

Contact information

Fears aside... Refer to the care dentists in a dental clinic Astella in Prague, sit down and relax, please.

„ Perfection is a divine characteristic,
desire for perfection characteristic of human “


Phone: (+420) 733 549 302


Address: Klapkova 731/34, 182 00 Praha 8 – Kobylisy