Price list
With regards to the fact that our aim is to provide to you the best and highest quality care possible in the area of stomatology, it is not possible to pay for these services via insurance. The value of settlements from insurers is so negligible that they do not cover even half of the costs connected with treatment. As it is our priority to have satisfactory and pain-free treatment for our patients, we are forced to choose non-contractual relations.
Price list valid from 1. 2. 2018
 Initial examination (including x-ray) from 350 kč
 Local anaesthetic from 200 kč
 Preparation of OPG 750 kč
 Dental hygiene from 1 300 kč to 1 600 kč
 Teeth whitening from 5 810 kč
 Amalgam filling from 1 450 kč to 2 910 kč
 Composite filling from 1 270 kč to 5 270 kč
 Complete treatment of 1 root canal 4 000 kč
 Metal-ceramic crown 9 000 kč
 Full ceramic crown from 10 500 kč
 Installation of implants 15 000 kč