Pediatric dentistry

Did you know that a child should have their first dentist's appointment at about one year of age?

At this stage of life children have temporary teeth cutting through their gums and it is necessary to take care of them.

Childrens trust in dentists

This contact is especially important to gain the trust of the child and prevent the development of fear of treatment. Even temporary (first) teeth need to be treated and cared for in order to prevent the development of pain. If taken care of promptly, children will look forward to their next dentist appointment! Through a pleasant, patient and individual approach we are able to persuade the child to cooperate and through play they experience it without fear. Baby teeth can have a big influence on the next generation of permanent teeth. This is why it is necessary to eliminate the unfavorable consequence of tooth decay with timely treatment.

Please prevent your child‘s traumatic experience with toothache and visit us in time!

Care of childrens' teeth
During the visit, mothers can also get information about how to take care of their children’s teeth at home – which childrens toothpaste and toothbrush to select, what to emphasize and what to avoid.
Regular childrens' dental care
Children of all ages need regular dental check-ups for health and prevention, too. A comprehensive consultation with our dental health professionals will also include dietary assessment and advising and diagnostic assessment of tooth development and orthodontic solutions.
Treating children under anaesthetic

Child treatment under general anesthetic - intended for very timid and difficult to treat children or for cases requiring more serious treatment in which it is impossible to treat a child otherwise. In the presence of an experienced anaesthetist, in such cases, treatment of all teeth is performed during one surgery and after the operation the child goes home with their parents. 

In our office we approach pediatric patients with maximum consideration and we try to make what is often their first visit to a pediatric dentist as pleasant as possible. If you would like more information or want to make an appointment immediately, please use the contact form below

Pediatric dentistry