Prosthetics dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry can replace lost tooth structure, whole teeth or groups of teeth. Among the products of prosthetic dentistry are:
Aesthetic ceramic veneer
Applied directly to the tooth, this material can correct aesthetic imperfections of the tooth caused by degeneration or damage or it can correct small imperfections or changes in the position of the tooth. After carefully preparing the surface of the tooth, ceramic veneers can be affixed like a protective, natural and attractive shell.
Replacing the majority of a tooth (complete surface area) damaged due to decay or accident, while preserving the root of the tooth. We prepare firmly affixed metal-ceramic or highly aesthetic all-ceramic crowns.
Remedying loss of a whole tooth or more teeth, bridges can be affixed to crowns where strong roots can be used in order to hold a full row of teeth.
Core build up
This is the process whereby material is used to build up the root in order to affix a prosthetic crown.
Removable denture
Replacing a a lost group of teeth or all teeth. This is an independent resin denture appliance that is held in place with a special adhesive and which is completely removable from the mouth.